Adminstrators are a group of users who have  a strong history of anti vandalism and are generally active on this wiki. They ususally have been on this wiki for a fairly long time too. Admins usually have a lot of edits and can use extra powers to  protect the wiki from vandalism. They can block and unblock usernames or IP addresses and can also ban or unban users from chat. Admins can also promote users to Disscussions moderator and chat moderator. They also have rollback powers meaning that they can revert vandalism with the touch of a button. Admins can close threads and highlight them. They also have the power to remove and edit others replies. The current Admins are Commander Tool Belt and Sebastienxu467. If you have any questions, you may contact us on our message walls. We are generally active on forum and chat and we don't bite...usually.  

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