Alex Hade is a fourteen year old Kryptalite, the only existing child of Lightning, and the chosen one. Alex lived on his own for years before he was brought to Kar by his good friend, Kylie.


Alex Hade was born on 6 June, 2002 in Detroit, Michigan. He had a torrid history with a series of accidents concerning electricity, causing people to regard him as a freak. His accidents included being struck by lightening at the age of seven, but surviving without a single injury. Alex even remembers that he felt a surge of strength when the lightening struck. When he was eight, he was nearly kidnapped, but once the kidnappers touched him, electricity from Alex's body entered theirs and they died. When he was ten, the car crashed. His parents died, while he survived without a bruise. Later he learnt that it was Geron who killed his grandmother and both his parents.


The Coin of Life

Alex is met by Kylie at the door of his house, holding a knife. He begs for an explanation, which she promises she would give. Alex then notices that her whole eyeball was blue. She gives him a mirror and he realises his are blue as well. She then asks Alex to draw a hole in the ground using lipstick, which he obliges to do. When he is done, he notices Kylie battling a Sagan, though he does not know who he is. He also notices that Kylie is summoning rocks from the ground. It turns out that the hole he has drawn is a portal, and Kylie orders him to step into it.

Upon entering the other side, Kylie gives him orders on how to find Kar, while she draws her knife to fight. Alex decides to follow her orders, and is met by an Asian boy and girl. The boy runs off to help Kylie, while the girl climbs the set of stairs with him.

Upon entering Kar, the Asian boy and girl introduce themselves as Jade and Jess Wang. They explain who the Vaurons are, Alex realizes he is a Child of Lightening, the only one in existence. Jade takes him to meet Marcus while Jess and Kylie go to round up the guardians.

Alex marvels at Marcus' sword, which Marcus tells him was made by Kylie. He also mentions that the most beautiful blade in Kar was made by Kylie for Sam.

About then all the guardians arrive. Alex wonders if he'll have a sword. Marcus tells him he already has one, and presents him with Gohar. Alex likes it, because it is plain and beautiful.

Marcus then bids the Guardians goodnight. Alex is shown to the Guardian house, for which he expected a lowly cabin. Instead, it was a mansion, with each Guardian having their own room. He also gets a wardrobe magically filled with his preference of clothes and size. After grabbing toast from Jess, he finds Kylie training, sparring with Ben Wilde, who she beats. Alex asks when they are going to see Marcus. She answers that he will send for them when he is ready. Soon, they are sent for and they go. The situation of the Sagans going after the Coin of Life is brought up, and they decide to board the Bo and leave immediately.

On board Alex suggests that they seek information. Reluctantly, the crew agree to go after Blasphemus with a landing party of four intimidating individuals. He is chosen along with Sam, Ben and Jess.

Upon arriving, they realize that all three of the wise men are present, which means another clan can't be far away. They approach. Soon, the Sagans, led by Eric Daley, arrive. The remaining guardians arrive and they start to fight.

Alex feels shocked when he defeats someone, and then is taunted by Eric. He is spurred by Eric's taunts, and charges him. He uses his powers and defeats Eric.

The Sagans disappear.


Alex has a very balanced personality. He knows the right time to display different personalities- this makes his personality very broad and complex. He is very independent, having lived on his own since he was ten, only with Social services checking on him once in a while. Alex also has a tendency to feel inferior to everyone around him, though this usually pushes him to prove a point and do his best, which is 'mostly a good thing.'

In the Coin of Life, Alex seems afraid to take responsibility as the leader of the crew but by the Hunt for Parke, he seems more willing to take charge.


Alex is light skinned with very messy brown hair. He has Hazel brown eyes. He looks quite mature for his age and at fourteen is already 5'9. Marcus says that Alex may stop growing early due to his already mature look.


Kylie Harper

Kylie is arguably Alex's best friend. She brings Alex to Kar, and the two have a very sturdy and firm relationship.

Jess Wang

Jess has a good relationship with Alex.

Jade Wang

Jade and Alex have a strong bond.

Marcus Deli

Marcus is a good friend of Alex despite their age difference.


  • Gohar- Gohar is Alex's sword. The blade is made of Gohan platinum, the hilt of gold. It is the only weapon in existence that was mined from Gohar, where it gets it's name. It is extremely deadly to Vaurons. It is about one and a half feet long.
    Image 2


  • Tooth of Xsypios- Alex gets the tooth of Xsypios after slaying the dragon, which enables him to summon his own personal dragon, who he names Randy.
  • Gun- Alex gets a gun from Darren. Unlike the rest of the Guardians, he is seen to use his gun quite frequently, and even customizes it with a gold cover.

    The tooth of Xsypios


As a Child of Lightening, Alex has these abilities:

  • Static Shock- Alex can shock people with his hands by will, shoot electricity, etc.
  • Expert Mechanism- Alex can fix anything that runs on electricity or even a battery.
  • Driving- He can also drive anything that runs on a battery or electricity of some sort including cars and planes.
  • Vehicle Accidents Immunity- Alex cannot be harmed by any accident of a vehicle that runs on electricity or battery, including car crashes and plane crashes.
  • Medic- Alex can restart people's hearts by an electric shock, though this is the only aspect of Medic work he can perform.


  • Electricity Immunity- No intensity of electricity can hurt Alex including electric shocks and lightening strikes.
  • Object manipulation- Alex develops an ability to create or manipulate objects out of electricity.
  • Fire- Alex can start fires. He has this ability on a much smaller scale than a Child of Fire.
  • Bomb mechanism- Alex is an expert on explosives. He can either defuse them or detonate them.
  • Force Fields- Alex can create electrical force fields.
  • Hypnotism- Alex can hypnotize people by controlling the electrical currents in their brains.
  • Mind Reading- Alex can also read minds by reading the electrical currents in their brain.

As a Vauron, Alex has these abilities:

  • Eye colour change- Alex can change the colour of his eyes to completely blue, to distinguish himself as a Kryptalite, usually for combat.
  • Teleportation- Alex can teleport by dissolving into his element and appearing somewhere else. In Alex's case, he dissolves into a storm.

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