Ben Wilde is a fourteen year old Kryptalite, a Child of Water.


Ben is described as a true protector. He feels responsible for his friends and feels bad if anything happens to them.


Ben has messy brown hair like Alex, but not as spiky. His eyes are green, and Alex says he always has an intense look like he was thinking of who to kill first.


Alex Hade

Alex and Ben are on good terms.

Darren Cole

Darren and Ben are very good friends.


Euphomic sword- Ben uses a Euphomic sword which is completely Euphomic, hilt, handle and blade.

Image-Ben's sword


As a Child of Water, Ben has these abilities:

  • Hydrokinesis- Ben exhibits Hydrokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Breathing under water- Ben can breathe underwater, and no amount of water pressure can kill him. As such, he can't drown.
  • Telepathic communication- Ben can communicate telepathicly calmly with creatures of water.
  • Water Temperature Manipulation- Ben can manipulate the temperature of water, and any liquid which contains it.

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