Dani Sanders is a thirteen year old Kryptalite, a Child of Air. She has had a fairly peaceful past, and little seems to trouble her, hence her optimism.


Dani is described as very bubbly. She is even more of an optimist than Darren, hence everyone likes her.


Dani has dirty blonde hair that is just below her shoulders. She has light skin and brown eyes.


Kylie Harper

Kylie and Dani are good friends.

Alex Hade

Alex and Dani appear to be on good terms.


Image-Dani's sword

Euphomic sword- Dani uses a Euphomic sword in combat.


As a Child of Air, Dani has these abilities-

  • Aerokinesis- Dani practices Aerokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Air pressure resistance- No amount of air pressure would kill Dani.
  • Breathing without oxygen- Dani can breathe even in the absence of oxygen.
  • Invisibility- Dani can wish herself to appear as air, therefore being invisible.
  • Flight- Dani can fly by solidifying the winds and riding them.
  • Telekinesis- Dani exhicits telekinesis to an expert degree, manipulating the winds to push an object in whichever direction she pleases, or even into her hand.

As a Vauron, Dani has these abilities-

  • Eye color change- Dani can change her eye color to blue as she wishes.
  • Teleportation- Dani can teleport by dissolving and reappearing. In her case she would dissolve into a gust of wind.

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