Darren Cole is a fifteen year old Kryptalite, a Child of Earth. He is a guardian of Krypta.


Darren has endured a hard past, from the rough neighbourhood of Harlem, New York. He was taken into foster care, and entered seven different foster homes, before Marcus took him to Kar. He was the very first Guardian to arrive.


Darren is jovial and easy going, despite a hard childhood being bounced from foster home to foster home. He is usually an optimist, and has a smile on his face even in battle.


Despite being fifteen, Darren has already stopped growing. He stands at 6'3, and is muscular. In Alex's words he is simply huge. Alex also says that it's a good thing he is always smiling because if he was frowning he would have looked scary.


Alex Hade

Darren and Alex struck up a friendship almost immediately.

Jade Wang

Darren and Jade are very tight. The two are alike in character and usually stroke off each other for humor.


Iron Battle-axe- Darren wields an Iron battle-axe in combat which he designed himself. The axe has Iron blades with a handle consisting of Silver, Euphomy and Diamonds. This combined with his natural strength makes him difficult to beat in combat.


As a Child of Earth, Darren has these abilities:

  • Geokinesis- Darren exhibits geokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Ferrokinesis- Darren has control over everything in the earth, including precious metals.
  • Expert craftsmanship- Due to his control of all things in the earth, Darren is an expert craftsman. He made his own battle-axe.  
  • Expert Culinarist- Darren is an expert cook since plants and all eating material are grown from the earth.  
  • Plant Manipulation- Darren can use plants to do his bidding. This is shown when he uses a vine to catch Ben.  

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