Eric Daley is a seventeen year old Sagan. He is the leader of the Sagans and his one goal is to wipe out the Kryptalites. He was Alex and Kylie's senior in school and as revealed, he bullied Alex. He is a Child of Earth.


Eric attended the same school as Alex Hade and Kylie Harper, and bullied Alex.


The Coin of Life

Eric first appears while Alex's party is conversing with the Wise Men.


Eric is hated very much by Alex, and Alex says he is an evil smelly mutt whose goal was to make my (Alex's) life suck as much as possible.' He is a natural leader, and makes a terrible enemy.


Eric has brown hair slicked over to one side. Alex says he has a permanent evil smirk on his face, complete with dark, shadowy eyes that makes him look ten years older than he really is.


TJ Collins

Eric Daley and TJ Collins are close friends. TJ and Eric are similarly evil, in Alex's words.



Ripper- Eric uses an Iron kopis which he calls Ripper. The flat of the blade is designed with gold, and the hilt and handle are adorned with jewels.


As a Child of Earth, Eric is extremely powerful, being only rivaled by Alex Hade. Eric has these abilities:

  • Geokinesis- Eric displays geokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Ferrokinesis- Eric has control over everything in the earth including precious metals.
  • Expert Craftmanship- Due to control of metals, Eric is an expert craftsman. He created Ripper himself.

As a Leader of the Sagans and the chosen of Saga, Eric has these abilities:

  • Battle invulnerability- As long as Eric is wearing the Davesh, he is invulnerable in battle.

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