Alex Hade, the owner of the sword

Gohar is Alex Hade's sword. It is made of Gohan Platinum and is fatal to other Vaurons.


The blade is made from Gohan Platinum, from Gohar, the old Vauron Capital. When the first war commenced, Gohar was destroyed. The sword was buried under ruins, and was found by Nordeus, who prophesied that Gohar was to be used by the Chosen One. Nordeus passed it on to Napoleon, who upon hearing the prophesy, thought he was the Chosen One. Napoleon went on to wield the sword, but the sword refused to work for him. Ultimately, he was killed. Hence, in the human world there is much confusion as to how Napoleon died.

The sword was then stolen by the Sagans. The Sagans lost the sword however. It was then found by Marcus Deli, who presented Alex Hade with the sword upon his arrival at Kar.


Gohar is purposed to destroy the Davesh.


The Coin of Life

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