Jade Wang is a thirteen year old Kryptalite, the twin of Jess Wang. Jade and Jess are the only known Vaurons to have spawned in the exact same place at the exact same time and by the same element. They are also the first known Vaurons to be Asian. Both Jade and Jess are Children of Fire.


Jade is a goofy character, though he is serious when the situation calls for it.


Jade has brown hair and dark brown eyes. Since he spawned in Shanghai, he has an Asian look, and refers to himself as Asian, though he speaks fluent English since he move to the US when he was little. Alex says that he has a permanent grin on his face.


Jess Wang

Jade and his sister are on very good terms. They care about each other deeply, though Jade usually irritates her by saying he is her older brother. Whenever the guardians split into groups of two they always go together, unless there's a tactical reason for any of them to go with someone else.


Alex Hade

Alex and Jade are on very good terms. Jade shows him round on his arrival at Kar, and they've been fast friends ever since.

Kylie Harper

Kylie and Jade appear to be on good terms. Kylie hands Alex to Jade for him to show Alex around.

Marcus Deli

Marcus trained Jade like everyone else in Kar. Though Marcus is quite hard on Jade, he reveals to Alex that he is hard on Jade because he sees his potential but Jade puts little effort into training. Thus, Jade seems to Alex like he doesn't like Marcus much, but is clearly concerned when Marcus goes missing.


Image-Jade-Euphomic Machete

Euphomic Machete- Jade uses a Euphomic Machete, which he occasionally calls Jade Jr.


As a Child of Fire Jade has these abilities:

  • Pyrokinesis- Jade exhibits Pyrokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Fire Resistance- Jade has unlimited resistance to fire- it cannot hurt him or even his clothes.
  • Extreme temperature resistance- He cannot be affected by extremely cold temperatures due to the heat within him, or extremely hot conditions to the same reason.

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