Jess Wang is a thirteen year old Kryptalite, and the twin of Jade Wang. She and her brother are the only known Vaurons to spawn in the same place at the same time and by the same element. They are also the only known Vaurons to be Asian.


Jess Wang was spawned at exactly the same time as Jade Wang in Shanghai, China, by the same flame. They were spawned by a wildfire. They were taken by authorities and were later adopted.

Jess was constantly bullied in school. Once, she mistakenly set off a bonfire by setting a test script on fire. Whenever she was angry, things caught fire. Finally, at the age of nine, she boarded a cargo ship as stowaways and came to the US. Sometime later, Marcus found her and brought her to Kar. She and her brother were the fifth and sixth guardians to be found respectively.


The Coin of Life

Jess is on guard duty with Jade when Alex arrives at the steps.


Jess is described to be very much like her parent element. Like fire, she is dangerous, and is very hard to approach. Jess however is friendly and loving with her friends. Although very tough, she is shown to be quite emotional, and cries when she hears the story of Sam's past.


Jess is described as pretty much Goth- everything about her is black. Her hair is jet black, unlike her brother, she wears a black wrist protector, has black eyeliner and always wears a black leather jacket. With this look, she is compared to a queen- beautiful and regal.


Jade Wang

Jess and her brother are on very good terms. They care about each other deeply, though Jess usually gets irritated by Jade always mentioning that he is the older twin, though they spawned at the same time.


Kylie Harper

Kylie and Jess are shown to be very close.

Alex Hade

Alex and Jess appear to be on good terms.


Jess' Katana

Iron Katana- Jess uses a single Iron Katana in combat.


As a Child of Fire, Jess has these abilities-

  • Pyrokinesis- Jess exhibits Pyrokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Fire resistance- No intensity of fire or amount can hurt Jess.
  • Extreme temperature resistance- She cannot be affected by extremely cold temperatures due to the heat within her, or by extremely hot temperatures to the same reason.

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