Jordan Heath is a fourteen year old Kryptalite, a Child of Air, arguably the most powerful one.

He and Natalie Brown have known each other for basically their whole lives.


Jordan is chilled and easy going. He isn't as jovial as Darren or Jade, or as serious Sam or Kylie, but he finds what Alex calls '- pleasant in between'.


Alex says that Jordan's hair is either jet black or really really dark brown because he can't tell. Jordan is light-skinned. His eyes are black. His hair is usually pointing forward, like an arrowhead.


Alex Hade

Alex and Jordan are good friends.

Natalie Brown

As revealed, Jordan and Natalie have known each other for almost their whole lives, even before they knew they were Vauron. They are both children of air.


Image-Jordan's spear

Iron spear- Jordan uses a double pointed spear in combat, both the heads are made of iron while the body is made of wood.


As a Child of Air, Jordan has these abilities-

  • Aerokinesis- Jordan exhibits Aerokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Air pressure resistance- No amount of air pressure would kill Jordan.
  • Breathing without oxygen- Jordan can breathe even in the absence of oxygen.
  • Invisibility- Jordan can wish his body to appear as air therefore making him invisible.
  • Flight- Jordan can fly by solidifying the air and riding it.
  • Telekinesis- Jordan exhibits telekinesis to an expert degree, by manipulating the winds to push an object in whichever direction he pleases, or even into his hand.
  • Poison gas- When Jordan is angry, the air around him becomes stale, making it hard for others to breathe. He can also do this deliberately, an ability even Natalie and Dani don't have.

As a Vauron, Jordan has these abilities-

  • Eye color change- Jordan can change his eye color to blue as he wishes.
  • Teleportation- Jordan can teleport by dissolving and reappearing. In his case he will dissolve into a gust of wind.

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