Kylie Harper is a fourteen year old Kryptalite, and a good friend of Alex Hade. She brings him to Kar when his life is endangered. Kylie is a child of earth, and is the only Kryptalite known to have spawned in Canada. At the age of four, she migrated with her surrogate family to Detroit, where she met Alex.


Kylie was spawned in Toronto, Canada, and is the only known Vauron in the series to be Canadian. At the age of four, she moved to Detroit, where she met Alex at school. She found Kar at the age of eleven, and became the fourth guardian to arrive after Sam, Darren and Ben.


Kylie is shown to be naturally serious and quite knowledgeable. She is quite annoyed at all of Alex's questions,though she answers them all. She is extremely good at combat, such that her trainer, Marcus, hands Alex over to her for training. Kylie has apparently been beaten only by two people in combat- Darren and Marcus, though Alex became the third.


Kylie has bright brown hair and grey eyes. She is light skinned, and as Alex finds out, she wears glasses to read.


Alex Hade

Kylie and Alex seem to be on good terms.

Jess Wang

Kylie says that Jess reminds her of her sister a lot- they are both very mature.

Marcus Deli

Due to Marcus being her trainer in combat in which is very good. Marcus hands Alex over to Kylie for training, trusting her to train him well.
Image Kylie's knife

Gutstabber, Sam's sword, which she created


  • Euphomic Knife- Kylie uses a 21 inch euphomic knife in combat.


As a Child of Earth, Kylie has these abilities:

  • Geokinesis- Kylie can use geokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Ferrokinesis- Kylie has control over everything in the earth, including Precious Metals.
  • Expert Craftsmanship- Due to her control of all things of the earth Kylie is an expert craftsman. She made swords for Marcus and Sam. Sam's Gutstabber is called the most beautiful blade in Krypta.
  • Expert Culinarist- Kylie can cook expertly since all plants and eating material are grown from the earth.
  • Plant Manipulation- Kylie can use plants to do her bidding.

As a Vauron, Kylie has these abilities-

  • Eye Color Change- Kylie can change the colour of her eyes to blue by will.
  • Teleportation- Kylie can teleport by dissolving into her element and appearing somewhere else. In her case, she would dissolve into a pile of rocks.

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