Marcus Deli is a twenty eight year old Kryptalite, a good friend and trainer of Kylie Harper and Alex Hade. He is a Child of Water. Marcus and Sam are the only known Vaurons to have no foster parent.


The Coin of Life


Due to having no parents and living on the streets, Marcus is very tough. He is also extremely good at combat with and without his weapon. Marcus is therefore a good trainer and trained most in Kar, but specifically trains the guardians, though he is not one himself.


Marcus is described as tall and rugged. He has mildly grey green eyes, and light brown hair.


Kylie Harper

Kylie and Marcus are very close despite their age difference. It is revealed that Marcus had lost his weapon in a battle, and Kylie made him a new one, which he currently uses.

Alex Hade

Alex and Marcus appear to be on good terms. Marcus is his trainer despite handing him over to Kylie for his first session.


Image-Marcus' Sword

Steel sword- Marcus uses a steel blade with a golden handle encrusted with rubies and pearls. Kylie made the sword for him when he lost his weapon.


As a Child of Water, Marcus has these abilities:

  • Hydrokinesis- Marcus displays hydrokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Breathing under water- Marcus can breathe underwater and no amount of water pressure can kill him. By this ability also comes the inability to drown.
  • Telepathic communication- Marcus can speak to creatures of the water telepathically.
  • Water Temperature Manipulation- Marcus can manipulate the temperature of water, or any liquid that contains it.

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