Silver sword

Natalie Brown is a fourteen year old Kryptalite, a Child of Air. Unlike most Vaurons she had peaceful years leading up to her arrival at Kar. She and Jordan Heath are lifelong friends.


She is said to have been one of the few privileged vaurons. She says that she is still welcome in her parent's house, and often visits there. She and Jordan went to the same school.


Natalie is quite outgoing and bold due to her peaceful life. She voices her opinion strongly and sometimes is very critical of plans that go against hers. She tends to be a bit self centered sometimes.


Natalie is light skinned and has a lot of freckles across her nose. She has light brown hair and blue eyes.


Jordan Heath

Natalie and Jordan are very close friends. They knew each other even before they knew they were vaurons. They are both children of Air.


Silver Sword- Natalie uses a silver sword in combat.


As a Child of Air, Natalie has these abilities:

  • Aerokinesis- Natalie exhibits Aerokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Air pressure resistance- No amount of air pressure can kill Natalie.
  • Breathing without oxygen- Natalie can breathe even in the absence of oxygen.
  • Flight- Natalie can fly by solidifying the wind and riding it.
  • Invisibility- Natalie can wish her body to appear as wind, therefore being invisible.
  • Telekinesis- Natalie exhibits telekinesis to a degree, by manipulating the air around an abject and pushing it with the wind in whichever direction she pleases, or even pulling it with the wind into her hand.

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