Randy is Alex Hade's pet dragon. He is summoned by Alex from the tooth of Xsypios, which he earned when he slayed the beast.


Coin of Life

Randy is summoned by Alex by accident when battling Geron, who has disarmed him. Geron reaches for the chain on which the tooth is on, but Alex grabs it off his neck and instinctively throws it on the floor behind him. On impact, there is a rumble and the dragon emerges. With his help, Alex beats Geron who retreats with his troops,and Alex randomly calls the dragon Randy, who Alex said seemed satisfied at the name. On instruction, he then shrinks back into the tooth.


Randy is very loyal to Alex, being tied to him by ownership.


Randy is described as very black and bony, as he comes from a black tooth. He is also fairly large, though not as big as Xsypios or his relatives.


The tooth of Xsypios which summons Randy

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