Sam is a thirteen year old Kryptalite, a Child of Water. When she was spawned by a wave in Los Angeles, Sam lived on the streets for years, making money by pick-pocketing. She gave herself the name Sam, but didn't take on a surname, like Marcus did. Sam is the only known Kryptalite to have found her way to Kar without help or a guide. She knew she was something special as she discovered she had powers over water.

Sam was captured for 7 weeks on her way to Kar by Blasphemus, who identified her as a Kryptalite. He raped her three times before she managed to escape.



Sam is a tough and hardened fighter due to her many years on the street. She doesn't talk much because she is not used to having friends. She does however have a jovial side, shown when she pranked Jordan with his water. Alex describes her as 'tough as iron, hard as rock'.


Sam wears faded ripped jeans and shirts most of the time. She has purple streaks and extensions in her hair. She has kaleidoscopic eyes–they change from blue to green to grey every now and then.


Kylie Harper

Sam has only one clear friend, Kylie. When Sam arrived at Kar and Kylie heard her story, Kylie felt sorry for her and made her the most beautiful sword in Kar, which Sam named Gutstabber.


Gutstabber – Gutstabber is described as the most beautiful weapon in Kar. The hilt is emerald, the handle is leather bound with gold, with emeralds adorning the top. The blade itself is pure gold. It is about three feet long.



As a Child of Water, Sam has these abilities–

  • Hydrokinesis – Sam uses Hydrokinesis to an expert degree.
  • Breathing under water – Sam can breathe underwater and no amount of water pressure can kill her. Therefore, she cannot drown.
  • Telepathic communication – Sam can telepathically communicate with creatures of water.
  • Water Temperature Manipulation- Sam can manipulate the temperature of water and any liquid that contains it.

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