The Wise Men are three brothers, Blasphemus, Nordeus and Darius who between them know every bit of knowledge in the world.



Blasphemus is the eldest of the three brothers. He is a physical representation of Blasphemy, misleading people with false information. Despite being wise and knowing, Blasphemus often chooses to mislead people, ultimately costing them a loss of something. He is blind and incredibly weak in his left leg, making movement difficult. He walks with a cane, and with the help of Sandy, his immortal dog. Only he, out of the three, seem content however, with his physical state.


Wise Man

Nordeus is the second. He has no ears, and gets by communicating being a master of lip-reading. He is also a master of sign language, and every other known way of communication in the world. Therefore, he is usually seen as the Wise Man specialised in Communication. He isn't as crafty as Blasphemus, but usually supports his brother's ideas. Nordeus and Darius apparently argue a lot, due to Darius wanting his eyes and Nordeus wanting his ears. Therefore, of the three brothers, only Blasphemus seems content with his state.



Darius is the last of the Wise Men. He has no eyes, something which he frequently argues with Nordeus about, with the former wanting his eyes and the latter craving his ears. Darius seems the most relaxed of the three, and sometimes appears non-chalant, though he does have a craftier side to him.

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