• User:Storm7777

    I honestly suspect him to be an account of a vandal behind multiple accounts.

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    • Sure? Why do you suspect him?

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    • Very suspiciously similar to DinosaurHunter. Better remove him, he isn't adding anything to the wiki anyways

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    • I agree with Utkar here. Storm is very similar to DinosaurHunter and his other accounts, who all were troublemakers on various wikis. Storm was also suspected of being a sock of Coolguypro777 before who was a troublemaker on the wiki and many others because of his grammar, writing style and username. However, he denied it and actually made a reasonable excuse for it. However, I still suspect he can possibly be a sock of Coolguypro and DinosaurHunter because he changed his writing style and grammar as soon as he was accused. This was on Riordan Wiki by the way and I think you were there at the time. Anyways, Storm is inactive so removing his rights and giving someone else those rights could benefit the wiki. I already removed his Discussions mod rights but I can't remove his content mod rights. I suggest we remove his rights until he proves he's not a sock of DinosaurHunter.

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    • You're right. I was there on Riordan Wiki. I'll think of a way to do it but will take action immediately. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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