Vaurons are supernatural beings, spawned by nature. In a clan there are four different elements. The element is indicated by a symbol on their wrist.


The four elements


This is alternatively on Alex's wrist

The only Vauron in existence who is not parented by any of the four elements is Alex Hade, who is a Child of Lightening.

There are seven Vauron clans, which each have their own color and survival tier. There are three main clans, while the rest are regarded as somewhat minor. However, the Geronites take a main role in the series, making them look like a main clan, while they are actually not.

Main Clans

Kryptalites- The Blue Vaurons

The Kryptalite city is Kar. They are the oldest clan of vaurons, and boast ownership of the Chosen One. Their life tier is the Coin of Life.

Sagans- The Red Vaurons

The Sagan city is Jarba. They are the Kryptalites mortal enemies. Their life tier is the Tree of Saga.

Cironites- The Black Vaurons

The Cironite city is Amer. The Cironites are the most peaceful clan out of the 7, and typically don't take part in wars unless they have been affected, challenged or insulted. They are the largest clan. Their life tier is the Harp of Ciron.

Minor Clans

Geronites- The Green Vaurons

The Geronite city is Noch. The Geronites are usually over the place, and are the most offensive clan out of the seven, usually making them look like a main clan, while they actaully are not. Their life tier is the Staff of Geron.

Asaphites- The Orange Vaurons

The Asaphite city is Asaph. The Asaphites are usually peaceful, but are very loyal to the Geronites. Their life tier is Fero the Dragon.

Pogans- The Yellow Vaurons

The Pogan city is Seph. They are rarely mentioned, and are like the Asaphites under the influence of the Geronites. Their life tier is the temple of Seph.

Hippolytes- The Purple Vaurons

The Hippolyte city is Hur. They are the smallest clan out of the seven. Their life tier is the sacred cow.

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