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Chapter 1

I lay in my bed, staring listlessly at the ceiling, like I had done many a day recently.

Life on the Bo was depressing. For two weeks, we had been grazing the pits of the earth, looking for the slightest hint at the whereabouts of Geron and the coin of life.

So far we had found nothing. That was tiring, humiliating and infuriating.

But what troubled me the most was the nightmares- flashes of our battle at the Louvre, Lucas Perez, shrugging at me to tell me he had tried his best, and then his scorched corpse after the explosion. That one especially hunted me. Lucas was a good guy. He didn't deserve to die like that, and all because he was trying to honor my demands. I had basically committed murder in the second degree.

I beg your pardon, my own name is Alex. Alex Hade, the so called Chosen One of Krypta. I was still lost in my thoughts when the alarm went. I leapt out of bed and grabbed Gohar, my trusty sword. I ran out of my room towards the terrace where Jess, who was on duty would have been. She wasn't.

Jade burst out of his room, machete in hand. Kylie, despite her dislocated shoulder, in a cast with a sling held her knife in her good hand.

"What's going on?" She yelled.

"I don't know where Jess is!" I yelled back.

"Check the terrace," Jade said, with a surprisingly even tone. He seemed the least panicked about the situation.

"Already have!" I replied.

"Maybe she was kidnapped," Natalie said.

Jade snorted. "Then her kidnapper will be dead by now." Of course. I knew why Jade was so calm- he was 100% confident that his sister could take care of herself. Jess was a tough cookie. We were all still panicking when Jess ran out of the lounge.

"Guys!" She shouted.

"What's the emergency?" Jordan asked.

"Nothing. It was just the quickest way to get you all out of bed," she answered. She turned to me. "We have an incoming video call."

"Is it that urgent Jess?" I asked. I was starting to get irritated. I had been without good sleep for days and I was getting cranky.

"It's Marcus."

I stormed past her, quite literally because I have that power. Electricity crackled around my body and thunder boomed as I entered the lounge.

And there on the screen was Marcus Deli.

I had incredibly mixed feelings. Marcus seemed like a cool guy but we had only met a few weeks back, on just two brief meetings.

His hair looked fashionably unruly, as if he messed it up deliberately like I do. His sword which Kylie made for him was in hand. He looked relaxed and at ease.

From what I heard however, Marcus was supposed to be the trainer and advisor of the Guardians. He had been absolutely MIA since we left Kar.

"Marcus," I started with a slightly irritated tone. "You don't call for two weeks and then you decide to call in the middle of the night?"

Marcus' eyes twinkled with amusement. "Good to see you too, Alex. As for the timing well I apologise. You know time is not really the same in Kar."

He was right. It could be bright and sunny in Kar right now.

Marcus' face changed. He could probably sense our melancholy from across the screen.

"Guys I know your troubles in getting the coin of life is weighing you down," He started. "But we have more pressing matters at hand."

"We do?" Jordan asked. "What?"

Marcus clicked around on his end and a picture of a man came up. He looked a bit like a mad scientist, with crazy hair and just as crazy eyes.

Dani, still on her crutches, moved closer. "Who is this?"

"Dr. Martin Parke," Kylie grumbled.

I turned to look at her. "You know him?"

"Any long serving Vauron will know him," Marcus replied. "Dr. Parke has dedicated his life and career to globalizing what he would call a hidden species. For decades he has been trying to promote a theory of life- beings sired by nature."

"Us," I summarized. "He's been trying to expose us. But why is he an issue now? If he has been attempting this for years as you say, why is it just now that we are willing to pay him any attention?"

Marcus grunted. "Believe me, we've tried. The Kryptalites have tried in vain to unite the Vaurons to take down Dr. Parke for years, but the clans have not obliged. However now, it is needed more than ever. The clans must unite." 

"What's the urgency?" Jade asked. He still seemed slightly irritated that his sleep had been interrupted. "He's been telling that story since. It's not like the humans are going to start believing all of a sudden."

"No," Marcus agreed. "But they have more reason now to believe."

"He's right," Kylie spoke up. "With everything going on, what happened at the Louvre and what is happening elsewhere- the humans are curious. This would be the perfect time for Dr. Parke to strike."

"He's already striking. He's due to appear in the Supreme Court in two days to make his case. He has already published a book on us," Marcus continued. "We don't know how much he knows but we can't risk it. We need to take him out in these two days before he steps into that court."

"What happens if they believe?" I asked. "Doesn't Vauron magic obstruct their vision?"

"Vauron magic works on belief," Marcus replied. "The humans are oblivious which is why they cannot see. Once they start to believe they will start to see everything- our weapons, our cities, everything."

"Send us his address," Darren ordered. "We'll breach his house and take him down."

"Easier said than done," Marcus warned. He's under federal protection, also, he has a very rich sister who he has been living off for a while. He's severely protected."

"Which is more protected, the house or the court?" I asked. 

"Well, the court."

"Then we'll go for the house," I answered. "Thanks for calling Marcus. Goodbye."


Jess shut down the call. 

I turned. "We meet in the mess at 8:00. If you want to get more sleep now would be a good time. See you at 8."

Chapter 2

I had decided to leave myself to my misery when a knock at my door forced me into company.

It was Jade. His brown hair was slicked to one side. His Euphomic Machete hung at his side. Over his white t-shirt he wore an olive green bomber jacket with blue jeans.

Which didn't make sense. The rest of the crew and I were still in our PJ's.

"Hey," He said. "Can I come in?"

I let him in and shut the door.

He paced round my room.

"You know it always helps to share," He began.

I stayed silent.

"One of the reasons Jess and I are so close are our experiences," He continued. "We shared those experiences, every single one of them from Shanghai to Kar. No one ever bullied me and tolerated Jess."

"It wasn't possible," I humored him. "You guys were inseparable, a package deal."

"Exactly. And sharing those experiences with Jess made the whole thing twice as easy. It was like half the load was on Jess and the other half was on me," He said. "When we ran away, it was a decision we both made."

"What's your point, Jade?"

"My point is that sharing makes the job easier. Believe me. If you keep your feelings inside they continue to eat away at your essence until there's nothing left. You go insane."

I scowled. "That's your idea of a pep talk?"

He shrugged and grinned. "I thought I did pretty well."

I sighed and sat on my bed. Jade kept standing.

"It's nothing really," I started. "I keep having these nightmares."

"What do you see?"

"Different things. Some I recognize, some I don't, like they are yet to happen. I see flashes of the fight at the Louvre, the explosion, Lucas lying dead..."

Jade sat. "Lucas' death wasn't your fault. Geron killed him, not you."

I sighed. "Yeah well..."

I didn't need to finish the thought.

"Hey, you did the right thing with that deal," Jade countered. "And Lucas was a good man, trying to honor the deal."

"It's what got him killed eventually, Jade."

Jade sighed like I was exasperating. "What else? You said you see some you don't recognize."

"Yeah. I keep seeing this glowing sphere or orb, in somewhere like a museum. I don't know how that applies exactly."

Jade got up. "Well, we're about to find out."


"It's 7:30. You should probably go shower."

I went to my window and lifted the curtains. Brightness and clouds greeted me. It felt like I had been in my room for just a couple of minutes.

When I turned around, Jade was gone.

"Two can play that game," I muttered, as I dissolved into a storm.

When I came out of the void, I was in the shower.

I took my shower quickly, then put on a fresh blue t-shirt with jeans. I strapped Gohar on and put on a windbreaker, then marched out.

Natalie, Jordan, Sam and Kylie were already in the mess. I scanned Kylie. She wasn't wearing her cast.

"Where is your cast?" I asked.

Natalie cleared her throat. "Kylie believes her shoulder is good now."

"It is," She insisted. She turned to face me. "Seriously, I'm good to go."

"Look, I want you back on the battlefield as much as you do, believe me," I told her. "But your shoulder needs to rest. We can't thrust you back into the front lines and risk you getting another- potentially more serious- injury. In the meantime, you and Dani are valuable help on the ship."

"Fine," She grumbled. "One more week of resting."


Everyone trickled in. I served myself to bacon on toast and took my place at the head of the table.

When everyone seemed settled down, I cleared my throat and began.

"This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we're dealing with," I began. I pressed a button on the arm of my chair and the diagram of Dr. Parke's residence came up.

"We're dealing with operative CCTV systems all over the place," Darren continued. He tapped the screen. It became splotched with red. "And security guards, some personal, some federal." He tapped the screen again. Splotches of green appeared.

"Not to mention laser sensors," Jade carried on. "And all sorts of other gimmicks."

"Okay we get it," Jordan broke in. "What do we do? All we have is our swords and powers."

"Not true," Darren grinned. "Mr Darren has brought some lovely tech for you all."

He stretched out his hand over the floor. The metal opened and rose a backpack up.

He opened it and started passing the contents around.

When I got mine, it was a golden gun.

"To fight a human," He began. "You have to fight like a human. These are called guns."

"We know what they are," Natalie said. "But, um, how do they work?"

"Each gun has sixty bullets. Harmful to both humans and Vaurons. Each of you get two reloads," Darren explained. "To shoot, you press this." He pointed to the trigger.

Natalie accidentally fired and shot Jade's food.

"Oh come on," He complained. "You killed my meatloaf."

"Wouldn't we have to go through metal detectors?" Sam asked.

"True that," Ben added.

"I can deactivate them," I assured them. "They run on electricity."

"That is if we get that far," Sam continued. "They're still guards- lots of guards. To get past them won't be easy."

"We'll need a distraction. A huge distraction," Jess agreed.

The gears in my head started to spin. "Don't worry," I said looking up. "I think I've got that covered."

Chapter 3

I sat on Randy, who flew on steadily. Jordan and Natalie flew alongside me.

Since I got the tooth of Xsypios, getting about had become so much easier. Also Randy was good in a fight, what with his fire breathing and large, bony frame.

"Alex we're nearly there," Sam said over the com. "You should probably land now."

"Alright," I said. "Randy come in for landing."

He made a sound. Sure.

How I communicated with the dragon was complicated. He made sounds that automatically translated in my brain, but no one else seemed to understand him.

We landed a few blocks away from the house. And I knew it was the house.

The place was massive. It stood tall and erect, just one of the skyscrapers of Manhattan. But I knew this one was the one we were looking for. Armed trucks surrounded it. Security stood at attention all round. I looked up and saw something we weren't counting on.

My face fell. "Guys we have a problem."



I could sense the tension on the other side of the coms.

"He's right," Jordan confirmed, landing beside me. I can see them."

I saw the Bo descending out of the clouds. The rope was being let down.

"How many?" Jess asked.

I counted silently. "I can see four. Natalie, Jordan and I can take them out."

"Will do," Natalie responded. She took off to a roof, her sword drawn.

"Randy we're going to that roof over there, preferably from the left," I said.

Sure. Are you going to kill that guy?


That's cold.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures, Randy."

True. I'm hungry.

"You're always hungry."

I'm a dragon.

"Where does your food go anyway?

I don't know.

We landed on the roof. I could see Jordan on the opposite roof. His spear was drawn, ready for the kill.

I crept closer, then drew Gohar. The sound caught his attention. He turned. He didn't stand a chance. I stabbed him through the chest.

"I got one down," I said.

"Same," Jordan replied as he stuck his spear in the back of the other sniper.

"I've got two down," Natalie bragged.

Randy and I flew down. I dismounted then stretched out my hand towards him. He folded like an origami into a tooth, then landed in my palm. I put the chain round my neck.

I ran to the house.

"Jade and Darren, are you in position?" Kylie asked.

"You bet."

"Jess and Sam?"


"Natalie and Jordan?"

"In position."





"Execute, execute, execute!" Kylie rang.

I snuck round the building. I could see Jade and Darren walking up to the front.

"Hey," Jade said to one of the security men. "I have an appointment with Dr. Parke?"

"Aren't you a little young?" The security guard asked.

"I'm here on behalf of my father. Mr. Wang?"

The guard produced a list and started checking. "I don't see your name."

Jade laughed. "Oh right. I actually didn't book an appointment. My father and Dr. Parke are very tight."

The guard was starting to look at Jade very suspiciously. I crept closer, and closer.

"Really?" Jade laughed. "At least check with Dr. Parke. My bodyguard is getting restless."

The guard turned and started walking towards the door.

"Alex you're up," Kylie prompted.

I stepped towards him. I extended my senses out to the electric currents running through his brain. I felt a connection. I turned my eyes blue.

"Look into my eyes," I commanded. "Into the deep depths of my eyes deeply until you dilate and SLEEP."

He slumped against my shoulder.

"When you wake up you will allow everybody at that door in without asking questions because Dr. Parke has cleared them and WAKE."

He woke and turned in the opposite direction.

"Alex did it work?" Sam asked.

"We're about to find out," I said as I slipped in the door. As was the plan, everybody was now at the door.

The guard appeared to smile. "You may all come in."

The other guards looked at him suspiciously. "All of them?"

"All of them. Because Dr. Parke has cleared them," He replied.

They all came trooping in.

Jade grinned. "Nifty trick Hade."

"Thanks," I said.

"Guess these guys ain't believers," Ben spoke up. "They can't see our weapons."

I led the line towards the metal detector. Before I went through it, I touched it, shutting down all the electricity currents in it.

"Hey you," A guard said. "Walk through."

I did. Nothing happened.

"Hey," Another guard. "It didn't ping."

I looked at him. "Well, isn't that good news?"

"No," He said. "It blares red with metal. With no metal it pings green."

A bead of sweat trickled down my neck.

Another guard walked round it, inspecting it. "It's off," he decided.

He looked at us apologetically. "I apologize. It doesn't appear to be working. We'll just search you manually then."

Security guards made their way towards us.

"Guys you're going to have to fight," Kylie told us.

"That wasn't the plan," Sam muttered.

"Now it is," Kylie replied. "Execute now!"

Chapter 4

The guards didn't stand a chance.

Darren drew his axe and cut two down with ease. Jess deep fried another with fire. Jade ran another through with his machete. Jordan and Ben fired their guns. Sam stabbed a gut with Gutstabber.

I stretched out my hand and gave another guard a nasty heart-stopper.

Alarms blared. The door behind us slid shut.

"Looks like we're on lockdown," Sam noted.

"That's good," Dani reasoned. "If you can't go anywhere neither can Parke."

"We have to give Kylie eyes on the CCTV," Ben reminded us.

"Maybe we should split up," Jordan suggested. "Would be quicker to find the Control Room and Dr. Parke."

I decided against it. "No. If we split up we're done for. Their too many soldiers. We have to move together." I reached out my electrical senses. "Control room is this way."

We hurried along. We were met by the occasional security guard, who always got the good old fashioned blade in the chest or bullet in the heart.

We reached the control room. I pushed the door open. Two men stared at me.

"Who the heck are you?" He asked.

"Good question." I stabbed them both.

Ben whistled. "That was brutal."

Darren muscled himself in and sat. He produced the bug and inserted it. "Kylie you got it?"

"I've got it," She confirmed.

"Where's Parke?" I asked her.

"He's moving," She informed us.

"To where?" Sam wondered aloud. "The place is on lockdown."

"Alright," I said as that thought sank in. "At least we're ahead of them. We can see them but they can't see us."

"How do we know no one will come back here?" Jordan asked.

"Leave that to the son of Earth," Darren answered. "Let's move!"

As we left, Darren sealed the door with earth.

"Alright Kylie," I began. "Which way?"

"Keep moving straight," She ordered. "You have to hurry. Soldiers are coming, and Dr. Parke is moving."

"They must be expendable," Jess muttered. "Smart tactic would've been to stick with Parke. Why come after us?"

"To slow us down," Jade guessed. "If Parke indeed knows we're Vaurons then he knows he can't beat us- but they can slow us down."

"That's either noble or foolhardy," Natalie commented.

"Or the smartest thing Jade has ever said," Jess added.

"Oh shut up."

We kept moving with urgency, but stealth.

"Where to now?" I asked.

"Right," Kylie replied. "But hurry. He is entering a zone with next to no CCTV. My viewing is getting scarce."

We moved across- and were met by the Sagans.

I was already annoyed. But now, seeing the Sagans, I really was about to lose it.

I didn't see Eric, but TJ, his right hand man led the pack before us.

"I must say I'm impressed," TJ started. "Thoroughly impressed. Throwing us off at the Louvre, getting in here- you guys have skill."

"Really TJ?" I replied. "Right now? We're in the middle of something! We're trying to save the entire Vauron world!"

"And so are we," TJ answered.

"Alex you're running out of time," Kylie urged.

"We could collaborate," I proposed.

TJ snorted. "Clearly you're not much of a Vauron. Vaurons don't do collaborate. We fight and kill on sight."

"Which is what is going to happen to you if you don't move out of our way," Sam threatened, drawing Gutstabber.

"You don't scare me," TJ said. "Our only mission here is to slow you down."

"You're wasting both our times," I said. "Parke is going to get away."

"From you but not us. Eric and his crew are finding him now."

"They can't find him," Jade interjected. "They don't even have eyes on him, but we do."

"Yes, regrettably," TJ agreed. "As I said, top job really. But don't worry. They are spread out thin all over the house."

"They will get massacred," Natalie spoke up. "There are soldiers all over this house."

"Eric has it under control," TJ assured her. "You see, the plan is simple. Save the Vauron world, and we are bound to get allegiance from all the clans, maybe except you Kryptalites and the Cironites. The Geronites will be stubborn but they can be dealt with."

"Brilliant little plan," Darren commented. "Now move your busted butt out of our way."

"We won't move, and you can't move us," TJ answered.

"Really?" Darren laughed. "I bet I alone could take down more than half of your motley pack."

"Alex he's moved into a room without Cams," Kylie informed us. "I've lost visual."

I pondered on it. We were currently in hold up, but I knew the Guardians. In urgency, we could beat these guys in less than five minutes, and with Randy at our side maybe even less. Kylie could direct us to where she last saw Dr. Parke and the room he entered, and maybe we still had a slim chance of catching him- and killing him.

"Last chance TJ," I tried to sound commanding. "Move or you will be slaughtered."

"We're not moving," he answered. "Some fights can't be avoided. This is one of them."

We charged each other.

Chapter 5

As we ran I threw down my chain. Randy came to life. He blew fire triumphantly.

"Show off," I muttered.

Good to be back. What are my orders?

"Kill the Sagans."

On it.

Randy plunged into action, taking on almost 5 at a time. Darren made good on his boast as well, taking them down by the number. Jade's machete was on fire. Sam and Ben worked together, taking unwilling Sagans for a ride with high powered blasts of water.

I had only one focus though.

Eric's partner in crime drew his weapon- a wicked looking bronze sword.

I drew Gohar.

"You know it's funny," TJ said. "I kinda miss the days of you handing over your lunch money. But at the same time I like the new Alex Hade- the Chosen One, finally sticking up for yourself, suddenly smart mouthed."

I looked down at my blade. The Gohan Platinum glinted in the sunlight streaming in through the windows.

"It's a pity," I replied. "I preferred you to Eric anyday."

TJ smiled smugly then charged.

I blocked his strike, then stepped in and thrust. He blocked then parried.

We stood at the centre of the fighting, fighting fiercely. Sparks flew from are bronze and platinum blades. Electricity and Fire threw off from our bodies as we fought.

Storm gathered round me as the fight progressed. We both wore down, our bursts of electricity and flame dying down.

And that is exactly when Randy decided to join the fight.

He stepped in, blocking a strike from TJ then attacked. TJ could barely keep up with the dragon's energy. None of Randy's fire hurt him, but the combination of his tail and teeth and generally sharp body parts did lots of damage.

I walked up to TJ, looking a bit smug.

"Clearly Eric took the better half of the fighters," I noted, looking round. "Does he really think of you as that expendable?"

TJ couldn't be bothered to muster an answer.

I wondered what to do next. The most reasonable thing to do was to finish him off and kill him. But then again, I didn't see the point. I had already made a statement.

I walked away. leaving him with that happy thought. On command, Randy folded into a tooth and strung on my neck.

I was strolling with a little strut in my walk when Kylie snapped me back to reality.

"Alex hurry!" She shouted.

I started to run.

"Come on!" I yelled. The guardians of Krypta fell in, all of our weapons drawn except for Jordan. His spear had apparently snapped.

We reached the room Kylie last saw Parke.

It was empty.

"Kylie he's gone," I started.

"How?" Jess wondered. "The place is on lockdown. How did they get out?"

"How did the Sagans get in?" Jade added.

Darren did a little poking around. He arrived at a wardrobe and opened it.

He grunted. "Of course Dr. Parke has a secret passage."

I sheathed Gohar. I walked to where Darren was standing. The wardrobe led into a path. It was tight, but Dr. Parke and his bodyguards must have just wriggled through.

"Kylie, Parke is gone," I filled her in.

"Maybe so," She replied. "But not the guards."

As if to prove her point, sirens started to sound in the distance.

"We need to get out of here," Ben proposed.

"Not without information," I answered. "Kylie, where's Doctor Parke's study?"

"You're not far off," She responded. "It's just down the corridor."

"You guys should hurry," Dani chipped in. "Like my leg."

We hurried down the corridor.

His study was a mad house. Papers littered the floor, all over the place. I stepped over them and went straight for his computer.

The sirens started getting louder.

"NYPD is there," Kylie informed. "Get out of there!"

"Hold on," I said, as I opened the computer and inserted the ships external drive. "Kylie I'm sending over everything on Dr. Parke's computer than I'm wiping it. Do you see it?"

"I see it," She replied.

The sirens seemed just outside now.

"Hurry!" Jess urged.

"Ninety more seconds," I replied.

"I got a prototype of the book," Jade proposed.

"Take it," I decided. "Could be useful."

I heard a loud sound from downstairs.

"Guys NYPD just broke through the door," Kylie warned.

"60 seconds," I pleaded.

Darren produced his gun. Ben and Sam followed suit.

"They're heading up the stairs!"

"30 seconds."

"Alex," Jess warned.

"Nearly there."

"NYPD! Put your hands where I can see them!"


"Go, go, go, go!" Kylie yelled.

I rested my hand on the computer and sent an electrical surge through it. The computer sparked. Some keys flew of it.

Darren fired a warning shot then headed towards the back wall of the study. He rested his hand on it. The concrete fell away to form a perfect circle.

Shots started to fire. Jade fired a couple of shots then flew out with Jordan. Natalie took Jess. Ben and Darren went out on earth.

Sam and I were left, firing. I took cover behind the desk. Sam was behind a shelf.

"Sam go!" I yelled at her.

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me!"

She shook her head. "Let's go!"

We both fired our last shots then jumped through the hole.

I tried to get in contact with Randy, even in the necklace.

Randy burst forth. We flew down to get Sam.

"Randy take us to the Bo," I ordered.

On it.

We flew off and landed on the Bo.

On the Bo, things had reached the boiling point.

"Why can't we get just one damn mission right?" Darren yelled, at no one in particular.

No one answered. Unfortunately, the air reflected the mood of Jordan, whose aura was so powerful, the air was turning poisonous.

"Tone it down a little Jordan," I said. "Not all of us can breathe without oxygen."

He didn't reply, but my breathing became a bit easier.

I looked round. Everyone looked dejected and discouraged, like we had no strength to carry on. I couldn't let that happen. We had a clan to protect and a mission to finish.

"Come on guys, chin up," I ordered. "We've got a mission to finish. We have to find Dr. Parke and have another go at him tomorrow."

"It's not that easy," Ben grumbled. "We've failed on two big missions now, the whole Vauron world is at threat....."

"Not to mention the Coin of Life," Jess added. "Still don't know where it is."

"True that," Dani mumbled.

"Guys Alex is right," Kylie supported. "We have a mission at hand. We need to finish what we started."

"Exactly," I agreed. "Come on! We're the Guardians. We can do this."

Darren sighed and sat up. "What are Parke's whereabouts?"

"He's flying into Washington tomorrow for his hearing," Dani revealed from the computer. She looked up. "His flight is tonight actually."

"Oppurtunity calls," Jade started. "We need to intercept him at the airport."

"I think I have a plan," Kylie agreed. "But it's really precise. One mistake and we could be looking at catastrophic failure."

"High stakes?" Jess started.

"Slim chances," Natalie added.

"Precise," Darren agreed.

"I like it," I decided. "What's the plan?"

Chapter 6

The Bo approached the airport.

"Kylie is he in?" I asked.

"I'm checking," She muttered. "He doesn't seem to have appeared on any cams."

"Good," Darren reasoned. "Perfect time to move is when he's not around. If he's around he'll know something's up."

We started to gear up. Jordan grabbed another spear. Sam sharpened Gutstabber. I stuffed a few more loads for my gun into my backpack.

"Let's pair up," I announced. "Easier to move that way."

Jordan saluted smartly, then jumped off the terrace with Natalie. Jade and Jess took each other. Sam paired with Ben, so Darren and I got each other.

I summoned Randy and flew down.

I thought over our plan. The more I thought about it the more anxious I got.

"Yo Alex," Jordan started over my earpiece. "Natalie and I are near the metal detector. What do we do?"

I cursed silently. We had forgotten about our failed metal detector plan in the Parke house. My thoughts moved quickly.

"We'll need a distraction," I decided. "Jade and Darren, you're up."

I could practically see Jade's grin. "With pleasure."

I landed a good distance away from the metal detector. Darren was with Jade and Jess, nearly at the front. Jordan, Natalie, Sam and Ben had fallen in behind them. I joined up.

Jade got to the front. He regarded the metal detector, then seemed to frown.

"Sir we have got a problem here," He began. He looked back at Darren. "Isn't there something wrong Officer Cole?"

"Definitely," He agreed.

The officer's expression was priceless. "And you are?"

"Jade Wang, Homeland Security," Jade replied. Fire blazed in his right palm, and he flashed a card, which apparently appeared out of the fire. "And your metal detector sir, is out of date!"

"You don't look older than sixteen," He noted.

Jade frowned and turned to Darren. "You hear that Cole? He said I look like a baby!"

"That is incredibly insulting sir," Darren spoke up. "Take that back immediately or we would have to take you in."

Other officers were starting to come over.

"What's going on here?" An older one asked.

"Your metal detector is out of date sir," Jade answered. "It needs to be vetted by Homeland Security. That's why we're here."

Jess had already slipped in through one of the guard doors. Sam was following. Jordan and Natalie were inching their way towards there.

Meanwhile the situation for Jade and Darren was heating up.

"We've never heard of this before!" One of the younger and apparently smarter guards ranted. "These guys are phonies!"

Maybe I shouldn't have, but people had always told me I looked older then my age. I could really help Darren and Jade there. I took a deep breath and entered the circle.

"Hey!" I started, trying to make my voice sound deep. "What's going on here?"

Jade was quick. "Hey boss! These guys are denying our check of the metal detector!" He pointed at the younger guard. "He said we're phonies!"

I glared at him. "How dare you? You do know that doubting the authenticity of a federal agent is a felony?"

The guard was lost for words.

"Now here's what's going to happen," I locked eyes with who looked like the chief guard. I reached out to the electrical currents in his brain. I had never attempted hypnotizing without making the person sleep first, but there was a first time for everything. "You're going to let my men check the metal detector. Then we will enter the airport to check other things through the guard door."

"Why through the guard door?" One asked.

"Do as he says," The chief guard ordered.

I sighed inwards. It worked.

Jade and Darren made a show of checking the metal detector, then we entered.

"Thanks Alex," Jade muttered. He ran off to meet Jess.

"No problem," I replied.

"Are we all in position?" Kylie asked.

"Yep," Natalie answered. "Jordan and I are moving to take over the control room now."

"Jade, Jess?"

"Moving to the plane now," Jade responded.

"Which leaves Alex, Darren, Sam and Ben to infiltrate the crew," Kylie finished. "Execute, execute, execute!"

Darren and I moved along, trying to look inconspicuous.

"The crew is approaching," Kylie warned.

Sam tapped me. "Heads up."

The crew was heading our way.


"We have control here. On your word."

"Okay," I replied. "Get ready."

The crew got closer.

"Now?" Jordan asked.

"Wait a second," I urged.

The crew kept approaching.

"Kill it," I ordered.

The lights went out.

We moved quickly. I grabbed the pilot. Darren, Sam and Ben grabbed the other three members of the surprisingly small crew. We dragged them away into the bathrooms.

"Alright Natalie," I said. "You can turn them back on."

The lights came back on. Natalie's voice came over the speaker system.

"Sorry, we are experiencing issues with the electricity. These issues will be resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience."

We quickly changed clothes with the crew, except for Darren, who was the odd because there were 2 males and 2 females, and none of their clothes would have fit him anyway. Instead he just grabbed a hat.

I took the second lady's clothes which I figured would fit Jess. We couldn't have Doctor Parke thinking for even a second that anything was suspicious, including there being such a small crew.

We took their ID's and came out of the bathroom.

"I think we're clear," Ben said.

"Kylie, Natalie, Jordan you've got eyes," I said. "What do you see?"

"Dr. Parke's motorcade just pulled up," Kylie replied. "He's entering the airport now."

"Yo Alex we've got a problem," Jordan started. "More crew is on their way."


"There's a couple of other people on the crew," Natalie explained. "They're coming to join you."

Darren looked at me. "We have to take them out."

"How many?" I asked.

"Another five."

"I see 'em," Ben stated.

"Can you guys kill the lights again?" I asked.

"You bet."

The lights went dead.

We rushed towards them. Darren knocked two out easily. Sam, Ben and I took the rest.

We dragged them towards the bathroom. I tied them down. Again, I grabbed two uniforms for Natalie and Jordan.

"Lights can come back on," Ben told them.

They did.

We marched out of the bathroom. So far so good.

"Okay we're making our way to the private jet now."

"Copy that. Natalie and I will see you there. Leaving the control room now."

We strutted on and went unchallenged all the way to the private jet.

We were greeted there by Jade and Jess.

"We're on the jet," I filled Kylie in.

I could hear Dani whoop in celebration.

"You have a couple of minutes before Doctor Parke arrives on the jet, ten minutes at most," Kylie told us.

"Here." I tossed the uniform to Jess. "You're an air hostess today."

Natalie and Jordan joined us shortly. I tossed them uniforms as well.

We started to get ready. Jade fitted snuggly in the cabinets for baggage, though Darren had to squeeze in. I went to the cockpit with Ben.

"You sure you can fly this thing?" Ben asked.

"It runs on electricity doesn't it?"


"Alex remember you can't move until you guys are at gliding height in the air," Jordan reminded me.

"I can remember that," I responded. "Do you forget to butter your bread before you eat it?"

"Sometimes," Jade answered. "Once, I forgot I had filled my cup with water and I mistakenly spilled water all over. Man it was so embarrassing, I..."

"Jade," Jess called.


"Okay guys Doctor Parke is entering the tunnel now," Kylie informed us.

"Showtime," I said. I looked at Ben. "Go. I've got this."

Ben left the cockpit.

I waited nervously in the cockpit.

"Doctor Parke is boarding now," Kylie sighed. "It worked."

I also breathed a sigh of relief. He was boarding with no more than about twenty guards. All eight of us where on board and Doctor Parke didn't suspect a thing. All we had to do was take off, kill Doctor Parke, then land in Washington and ditch the plane before we were caught. Easy.

"He's settling into his seat," Natalie whispered. "We're good to go. Everyone get armed."

"This is Christian Johnson, your pilot for today," I said into the microphone. "Please may all passengers be seated and buckled in as we prepare for take off."

I had no idea what I was doing, but instinct took over. I started to flip all kinds of switches, and started steering the plane towards the runway.

Chapter 7

Soon we were ascending into the air. I kept it nice and steady. I kept ascending, to give everyone more time to get ready. As I steered, Gohar sat on my lap, and my gun was tucked in my back.

We levelled out on top of the clouds, and I put the plane on auto pilot.

"Alright everyone get ready," I whispered.

"Copy that,"

I took off the hat and un-tucked my shirt so I was comfortable. I sheathed Gohar and held my gun.

"On three," Kylie cued us.

"One," Darren started.

"Two," Natalie continued.

"Three," I finalized.

"Execute, execute, execute!" Kylie ordered.

I burst out of the cockpit and wasted no time in shooting. Jade and Darren burst out of the cabinets. Darren swung his axe and executed two guards at once.

"Jeez Darren," Jordan muttered. "Kylie didn't mean it literally."

"Vaurons!" Doctor Parke yelled.

"He figured that out quickly," Sam grumbled.

I turned my eyes blue to emphasize his point.

I tried to march my way over to Doctor Parke, but guards blocked my way. Doctor Parke had crouched down between chairs, so I fired all through the chair hoping to bullet him out.

I drew Gohar. Anyone who got to close got a sword in their stomach or chest, while I gunned down the rest.

Sam had apparently lost her gun, but that didn't deter her. She waded through a crowd of guards with Gutstabber and made sure she stabbed their guts. Dangerous, but efficient.

Jade had set himself on fire, wielding his machete and gun.

In fact he, Darren and I were the only ones who still had our guns. The rest had either lost them in the scramble, or just weren't using them.

Jess was burning the guards alive.

We were cutting through the guards pretty fast, but there were still a lot left. And Doctor Parke was still alive and hiding.

Unfortunately, with all the thinking I was doing, I wasn't paying attention. A guard came out of nowhere and clocked me. Electricity shivered down my spine, and lightening came down. It struck the guard which was good. Unfortunately, it severed the tail of the plane from the rest.

Which made no sense. I was pretty sure we were above the clouds which is where lightening comes from.

The plane spiralled out of control and we started to lose altitude. We tumbled through the sky, yelling, shooting and fighting.

Sam had fought bravely, but one of the guards kicked her right to the edge of where the tail had been cut off. I ran back and pulled her up.

"Thanks," She said, grabbing Gutstabber off the floor.

I turned round, and I saw Doctor Parke. He had a gun as well and was shooting.

I drew Gohar and marched over to him, ducking whenever he shot. I leaped up and swung Gohar straight at his head. He raised a tray, which blocked the strike. I stabbed through the tray, which was tough enough to slow down the strike, just so Doctor Parke could get out of the way.

It was like playing whack-a-mole. I swung and thrust and attacked. Doctor Parke dodged and ducked and hid.

A bullet grazed my right shoulder. I winced in pain. I switched Gohar to my left hand and stabbed the guard who had apparently been the one who shot from close range. I wonder if it was a warning shot, or if his aim is just that bad.

The plane was now falling apart. We kept plummeting further and further, and yet further.

"Go!" I yelled. "Go!"

Natalie shot one last guard then grabbed Jess and leapt off the plane. Jordan took Ben.

Jade, Darren, Sam and I kept fighting. Sam threw Gutstabber at Doctor Parke, like a throwing knife. It just missed the gash in the tray I had made which blocked it. I grabbed Gutstabber and sliced through the tray, leaving Doctor Parke defenceless. I threw Gutstabber back to Sam.

Doctor Parke knowing he was now on the back foot started running. I produced my gun, but just before I pulled the trigger, Doctor Parke who must have sensed it somehow, tackled me.

We crashed into a chair, with my ribs right against the edge. I gasped for air. I thought I must have fractured it.

We continued wrestling away. My right arm was killing me from the graze, and Doctor Parke had managed to pin it down with his left arm, so I couldn't reach Gohar or my gun, which lay a couple of feet away, knocked out of my hand.

Darren, Jade and Sam where desperately trying not to get killed so I had no help from them.

Doctor Parke punched me right in the jawbone. I managed to kick him in the chest.

We were still losing altitude fast. Jordan and Natalie came back. Natalie grabbed Sam and left. Jordan took Jade.

That left just Darren and I. Darren was fighting well, but he was about to be overpowered. I had a bullet graze on my left shoulder which hurt really badly, and I was almost sure a fractured or at least a bruised rib.

I struggled to get back on my feet and grabbed my gun. I put my gun away.

Doctor Parke came at me again. I created a force field and hurled it at him. He flipped away.

Jordan had come back.

"Alex go!" Darren yelled.

"You go!" I yelled back. "I've got Randy."

"This plane is about to crash!"

"It won't affect me! It runs on electricity!"

"Maybe so," Darren started. "But if it catches fire you're toast."

"Don't worry," I told him. "I've got this."

Darren pummelled a couple more guards then jumped out with Jordan.

I looked out a window. The ground was coming- and it was coming fast.

I didn't notice Doctor Parke coming at me again.

He drop kicked me into a side of the plane. I was too groggy to respond. All the guards came at me, punching me, hitting my head against the wall. I was bruised and bleeding. I felt like a human punching bag.

Doctor Parke kept talking the whole time, so I felt like I was being tortured somehow. I didn't register any of his words though.

"Alex get out of there now!"

Which wasn't easy. With no one else there I was outnumbered seriously.

I created a weak forcefield around myself and burst out of the circle. A bullet burst the forcefield.

The guards ran towards me.

I struggled my way to the edge of the hole at the back of the plane and jumped.

I didn't even call him.

Randy burst out of the tooth on my neck and I landed on his back safely.

I looked back and watched as the plane continued to plummet. It crashed about a 100 feet away.

"Alex do you copy?" Kylie asked.

I coughed. "I'm good."

"I see him," Ben commented.

I saw them as well. I landed.

"Oh dear you look bad," Jade commented.

"Thanks for the encouragement," I moaned.

"Hang in there, Alex," Darren ordered. He slung his backpack of his shoulder and produced water for me to drink. I drank thirstily. Darren wiped the blood away and cleaned my cuts with iodine, including the groove on my shoulder from the bullet. He also gave me Energade to drink.

"Alright," he said. "We'll have to wait till we get on the Bo to check out your ribs, but for now you're fine."

I felt much better as well. I got off Randy and he folded back into a tooth.

Jess nodded her chin towards the wreckage. "You think Doctor Parke died in that crash?"

As if he had just been waiting for someone to ask that question, I saw him.

The problem is I just knew it was him. A large metal figure started to come towards us. Each of his footsteps shook the ground. Jade groaned.

"He's a mad scientist. Of course he has a robot like freaking Tony Stark," Jade complained.

"Vaurons!" He bellowed. I couldn't make ut his face but I was sure he was grinning. "Come an face me if you are good enough."

"Good enough is accurate," Natalie replied. Then she looked at me. "Your call."

I pondered on it. I was still badly hurt. Even though I felt better, I knew I had at least a fractured rib, if not broken. If we fought now, he could possibly destroy us and add some of us to an already strained injury list rather unnecessarily. But at the same time we could end this mission here and now just by somehow breaking down the machine, getting inside, and killing Dr. Parke.

"We fight," I said, drawing Gohar.

I could imagine Dr. Parke's smile. "Your arrogance will be your own undoing, Vaurons."

We charged.

Chapter 8

You know how I said all we had to do was break down the machine,get inside and kill the doctor?

Well that was easier said than done.

Something else I learnt- Martin Parke had a doctorate in Robotics, Mechanism and Physics for a reason.

His robot was a fighting machine. He was potentially even harder than Xsypios, the dragon from which I earned Randy- for killing the dragon.

Natalie, Jordan and I speared the aerial attacks, me sitting on Randy and waving my sword. I tried to summon lightening, but nothing happened. Not even the occasional crack of electricity down my spine. I was too drained from the fight on the airplane.

The rest were on the ground, trying in vain to find an entrance panel while trying to stay alive. Darren swung his axe and made a slight gash in the leg of the robot. Sam was trying a worthy cause of rusting the robot with salt water, while Jade had set himself on fire from head to toe and machete included. He tried to melt the robot, but his progress, if any, was very gradual.

I kept swooping in on Randy, trying to get a clear stab through the clear veil through which I could see Dr. Parke controlling his robot like a well oiled machine- which of course it was.

Eventually, Dr. Parke got weary of me and swatted me off my mount. I tumbled through the air.

"Alex!" Jordan yelled.

He tucked in his arms and dove face first. I kept tumbling. He didn'tmake it there in time.

I crashed hard into the ground, absorbing the contact by rolling first time so it wasn't so bad. Unfortunately, I absorbed the contact with my stomach and legs. Sharp pain needled up my chest. If my ribs weren't broken before, they definitely were now.

I lay just below the robot.

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