Vaurons by Teniola Bankole-Olusina (Commander Tool Belt)

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Also look out for Book 2 coming in July, The Hunt for Parke!

Welcome to the Vaurons Wikia

This book would take years to be officially published, but several stories will be posted and added to overtime. Over the years these stories would be published as books. Certain rules will guide this wiki. See rules below. Violation of any of these rules or wikia's common rules would cause a ban.


  • A book would be posted as regularly as possible. Chapters would be added overtime by the founder of this wiki. When a book is finished, a discussion would be created about the book. In the discussion, you may write your thoughts on the book, no matter how harsh, where Commander Tool Belt (the founder and writer of the series) needs to improve, or if you just think it was perfect.
  • A fight would be created as often as possible, between characters, books, and teams. Vote, and it would be automatically counted. Your vote can change.
  • You may edit any page on this wiki, except the books, be it a spelling mistake or an addition to a character's page. Go ahead. Happy editing!

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Entrance to Kar, the city of Krypta

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