Xsypios was a legendary dragon that is famous for destroying a whole legion of Chinese warriors on his own, earning him the name 'Terror of China'. He is the father of Xhaxa and his sister, Avon. He was slain by Alex Hade.


Xsypios patronised the Kryptalites briefly, then turned evil. He attacked them brutally then became a lone ranger. He took out a whole legion of warriors on his own as part of his lone journeys.


The Coin of Life

Xsypios is mentioned first by Lucas Perez in Chicago, saying that he is eager to kill Alex. He later attacks the Bo, and wreaks havoc; he knocks Dani unconscious then fatally injures Kylie, before eventually being slain by Alex Hade. As a spoil of war, Alex gets one of his shrunken teeth on a chain, which he later discovers enables him to summon his personal dragon, which he calls Randy.


The tooth of Xsypios, which Alex receives after slaying the beast

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